Is it illegal to kill a snake?

Snakes are known as one of the deadliest cold-blooded animals in the world. The snake is considered a very terrifying reptile all over the globe because of the poison it spreads by biting others. Snake, with more than 3000 species are found almost everywhere around the globe. Most of the snakes lay eggs but some of their species give direct birth to their babies. Snakes are commonly known to be the least concerned about their eggs or babies. They vary in sizes among their species, as it is found that the smallest snake is recorded to be only 10cm long and the biggest one to be nine meters in length. Snakes are the meat eaters as they are carnivores. They prey on other animals to satisfy their hungers. Not all snakes kill their prey by injecting their poison in it, there are few species like king cobra that do so but others can swallow hole of their prey at once. Snakes have the ability to prey animals of the size way larger than the size of their heads.

It is illegal to kill a snake? 

There are a lot of misconceptions or myths considered truth about the snakes. It is known that the sighting a snake means your death or being bitten by any of the snake is not curable, but many of these facts are wrong. A snake will never go out of its way to try and attack a person without a reason. They will just attack you in the reaction of you irritating or trying to harm them. They even prefer to slither away than to attack. They only attack when they feel threatened by humans or other animals, or they may just attack other animals as their prey to feed themselves. Further, there is no truth in the myth that all snakes inject poison by biting and there poisons are not-curable. Rather, there are only a few species of snakes that do so and whose poisons produce such results. 

Now the question to be considered is, whether it is okay to kill a snake or not? So, the answer to this question couldn't be stated in a clear yes or no. Because in some regions or situations it is illegal to kill snakes and in others it is legal to do so. For example, killing snakes is legal in circumstances where the snake could provide possible harm to any human or animal, or if they are sighted at the urban areas where there are active population, and no wildlife removal could be approached timely.

But in other situations such as in wildlife, it is still against the law to kill snakes. Like many other animals, they are also protected by the legal entities. Wildlife laws never allow us to kill the snakes without any solid reason. There are several fines, penalties and punishments by law for the people who violate legal orders by killing snakes.

Final thoughts:

Though, it is against the law to kill snakes without any valid reason. But still, there are some states in the world, where it would not be illegal to kill a snake with or without having any sensible reason. Considering this matter ethically, it would be so unfair to kill the snake just because of your misconceptions about it and without any serious cause. Also, keep in mind one thing that killing snakes could make you face big problems as when threatened or annoyed or attacked by any human or other animals, then snakes would actually turn out to be according to what everyone thinks about them, and it could even cost you death.

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